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Zazen and Vegan Buddhist Cuisine at a Zen Temple

in Kamakura, Japan

Kamakura Concierge

by Kamakura Mind

Sitting. Breathing. Eating. Enlightenment starts with the simplest steps.


Sit Zazen at a Zen temple or connected Tea House in Kamakura. Join us in enjoying the fresh breezes of the forested Jochiji Valley at the foot of the mountain trail that leads to the Great Buddha. The priest will guide you through a 40-minute meditation, after which a catered Shojin-Ryori bento lunch will be served, featuring vegan temple cuisine prepared and served by a renowned local restaurant.

Introduction (Zen, Kamakura, and Zazen)
Zazen Seated Meditation
Introduction to Shojin Ryori, Bento Lunch

2.5 hours for 2-8 people


Exclusive Access
Private Tours
Door-to-Door Service


Experience Living Zen Culture

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