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Artisanal Wagashi Making and Tea Time

You may have seen and tasted wagashi sweets, but have you ever made them? Join us and craft your own wagashi reflecting the season. Afterward, you will enjoy tea with your own handmade Japanese sweets. Chairs available. You will make two sweets, so you can enjoy at home.





The price varies depending on group size. Please inquire.

*The price includes two wagashi sweets, wagashi (Nerikiri) making demonstration, and tea time.


Age: 7+ (Minors must be accompanied by a guardian)

Please Bring

Images of Workshop


About the Instructor

Kiyo Kubo 

A former pupil of Yuko Misonoi, CEO of Temari Wagashi studio. After being on assistant
and an instructor of Temari, she started her own wagashi brand, 空羽〜kuu〜 based in Houan 
Tea Hous- Annex in Kamakura.

Venue:  Tea House Houan -Annex*
Tea House Houan -Annex is an old Japanese folk house built in the 1960s right next to an authentic tea house, Houan in the forested valley behind Jochi-ji temple. It's welcoming and relaxed. 

1415 Yamanouchi, Kamakura, Kanagawa 247-0062
about 10-minute walk from JR Kita-Kamakura station

*Venue may change according to the # of participants and availability.

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