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A simple gift to bring warmth to your loved ones on a wintry day, or just a little treat for yourself.


"Mountain" Package Contents

1. Arboles Bowl (small) by Rei Toyoda

2. Tenugui Hand Towel "Winter Family" by Sachiyo Nakamura

3. Almond Cookies by Kibiya Bakery

4. Chai Kit by Anan Spice Co.

Arboles Bowl (small) by Rei Toyoda 
One of the most popular items in Rei's tree bark-inspired "Arboles" series. The perfect cup in your hands on a chilly day.  Sized for morning yogurt, or as a chai cup for tea lovers. Holds two cups of Anan Spice chai. Size: 10cm (4 in.) diameter x 6.5cm (2.5 in.) height. Cups are handmade, so expect variations.


"Winter Family" Tenugui Hand Towel by Sachiyo Nakamura

A traditional tenugui hand towel with a winter theme to warm the heart, featuring a boy and his dog. Hang as a tapestry, use as a luncheon mat or table centerpiece, wrap a bottle of wine as a party gift, or even fold into a tissue box cover. Adds color to any room. Size: 900mm (35.5 in.) x 370mm (14.5 in.). 100% cotton.

Almond Cookies by Kibiya Bakery

Cookies by Kibiya, a famous natural-yeast bakery in Kamakura. Perfectly roasted almonds give these cookies a satisfying crunch (possibly the most satisfying I've ever had!) and a simply delicious taste. Hand cut, with no additives.
Ingredients: Flour (white & whole wheat, made in Japan), almonds, butter, cane sugar, eggs, salt. Good for one month (expiration date on package). Contains nuts.

Chai Kit by Anan Spice Co.

A spicy black tea from India, these make-it-yourself chai kits are prepared by Kamakura-based Anan Spice Co. Mr. Anan has been a local fixture since he moved here from Mumbai in 1985. The perfect fit for Rei's chai cup! Instructions are included on the package. This is the real deal.

Ingredients: tea (Assam, made in India), cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg. (Expiration date on package.)

MOUNTAIN - Kamakura Gift Package - Winter 2020

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