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Indigo Dyeing
- Dye Your OwnTenugui Hand Towels 

Do you know Tenugui? Teunugui are Japanese-style hand towels made from cotton, usually 35 x 90 cm in size. Join our indigo dyeing workshop where you make your own tenugui hand towel by our garden and workshop space Takara-no-Niwa, located in a forested valley in Kita-Kamakura. You will design your tenugui using wood pieces. This is a specific dying technique called Itajime shibori, a shaped-resist technique. You will dye the folded cloth, sandwiched between shaped pieces of wood held on with a clamp. When you unfold the cloth, your beautiful original pattern will be revealed! Besides using it as a hand towel, you can hang your own tenugui as decoration, or use it to wrap a gift. In this workshop, you'll make two Tenugui hand towels. 



Date & Time

Available Every Tuesday from 10-12, or 13:30-15:30,
Rain Date: Following Thursday.

We'd like to be flexible as much as we can! Please ask if you prefer different dates & times.


The price varies depending on the group size. Please inquire.  

*Max. 6 people / group


Age: + 12 (Minors must be accompanied by a guardian)

Please Bring

Hand Towel (to dry your hands), your mask, water, hat, sun screen*, bug repellant* *optional


The entrance of Takara-no-niwa. You will forget you are just an hour away from Tokyo!


First, fold the tenugui.


Press folded tenugui with wood pieces as you like.


Dye in Indigo thoroughly!


After washing and soaking in a color fixing solution, you will hang and dry.
Your original tenugui is done! 


About the Instructor

Sachiyo Nakamura

A resident of Kamakura. Graphic and textile designer. She worked as a web designer at Fujitsu Design Center and Web Art Director at SoftBank. After going freelance in 2006, she attended a design and craft school in Sweden to deepen her knowledge of dyeing an designing. She organizes workshops while continuing her artistic activities.

Important Notes

The activities is only available when the weather is nice. Available April - July, September - Early November


Takara-no-niwa, the "Garden of Treasures," is a workshop space and kiln in a traditional folk house just 10 minutes from JR Kita-Kamakura station. At the end of a narrow path leading up from Jochi-ji Temple, surrounded by forest, it is a place with the kind of deep history and rich, the living culture you can only find in Kamakura. Come discover your own treasure.

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