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Design Your Own Hanko Name Seal 

Would you like to know how to write your name in Japanese? We can show you several ways to write your name in Japanese and make an original seal as a unique souvenir of your trip. Seals are used in place of signatures on important documents. In Japan, the hanko seal is considered to be a part of one’s identity. After you design your hanko seal, we will engrave your name.
Your original seal will be ready anytime in the afternoon of the experience!

Beautiful Hanko Cases.jpeg


45 min.

Available 4 days a week (Mon. Thurs. Fri. Sat.) 3 times a day. (10-, 11- 12-)

​*By reservation only. 


The price varies depending on the group size. Please inquire.

The price includes: Seal Carrying Case, Material Fee, Engraving Fee (Up to 3 letters), Original Pouch for Your Hanko


N/A  (Minors must be accompanied by a guardian)

Please Bring

You will learn the history, design your Hanko Name Seal, and choose the material and the case.

After the workshop, Your Hanko Name Seal will be engraved and ready for you to pick up 


About the Instructor

Kamakura Hanko

Founded in 1951, Kamakura Hanko is run by Mr. Tsukino, a third-generation hanko maker. The culture of hanko seals began in Kamakura in the 13th century. Samurai of the day adopted the practice of using seals to certify important documents in trading with China and conducting business with other samurai. In modern-day Japan, hanko seals are used in place of signatures on important documents and are considered part of one’s identity. Kamakura Hanko offers high-quality materials and a wide assortment of hanko cases made using traditional craftsmanship.

Important Notes:

Please wear your mask.
There is no parking lot at the shop. 


Kamakura Hanko
5-6 Onarimachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0012, Japan
3-5 minutes walk from the west exit of JR Kamakura station, turn left and walk down Onari street. Turn left at the first big 5 way intersection. Kamakura Hanko is on the right side of the street.

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