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Our Experiences


Enjoy slow-flowing Kamakura time with artists working in Kamakura.
All workshops are private for your friends and family.

Kamakura-bori Guided Tour, Demonstration and Chopstick Carving


You will visit a gallery in a 50-year-old traditional folk house owned by the descendant of one of the oldest Kamakura-bori families, the master Kyukei Goto. He will talk about the history, styles, and making of Kamakura-bori, followed by a carving demonstration and hands-on experience.


Currently Not Available:
Ceramics and Wagashi & Matcha by a Temple in Kamakura


We invite you to experience one-and-a-half to two hours of Japanese pottery making and enjoy handmade Japanese sweets, wagashi and freshly whisked matcha tea in a relaxing environment surrounded by the nature of Kita-Kamakura, a place well known as the origin of the Zen Mind in Japan.​ Your piece will be shipped after drying and firing which takes about 2 months.


Make Your Own Rice Bowl and Chopstick Rest


Rice is a staple of the Japanese diet and most Japanese have a favorite rice bowl. In this experience, you will make your own rice bowl using a mold, as well as a chopstick rest. You will be ready to enjoy your Japanese-style meal with your own rice bowl and chopstick rest! Your bowl will be shipped after drying and firing, it takes about 2 months. 
Instructor: Rei Toyoda



Me Time with Clay 


This private workshop is perfect for a couple or a small group. Take 2 hours to spend some time with clay. There is no theme for this class. Follow your instincts, and create whatever you like to make by hand building or wheel throwing, whichever interests you. If you do not know where to start, do not worry. The instructor will guide you. Through pottery making, you may discover something new about yourself. Your pieces will be shipped after drying and firing which takes about 2 months.  Instructor: Rei Toyoda


Make Your Own Bento and Miso-Soup at Traditional Japanese House
Optional Tour: Shopping at Farmers Market

(古民家でお弁当&お味噌汁作り/ オプション:市場で鎌倉野菜を調達しよう)


We will cook Onigiri (Rice Ball) Obento lunch at 85 years old traditional Japanese house. You will cook miso-soup with fresh veggies from the local market, learn how to make onigiri and pack your own bento-box as you like!  To maximize your experience, we recommend adding the optional tour with our guide. Our guide will take you to Kamakura’s iconic vegetable market, well known as the “Renbai” by locals. Talk to the local farmers to choose ingredients for your Obento.


Design Your Own Japanese Hanko Name Seal


Would you like to know how to write your name in Japanese? We can show you several ways to write your name in Japanese and make an original seal as a unique souvenir of your trip. You will design and we will carve them for you. Your original seal will be ready anytime in the afternoon of the experience!


Currently Not Available:
Shojin Ryori Cooking - Traditional Japanese Buddhist Cuisine



Experience "shojin ryori," a Japanese vegetarian meal in its place of origin: Kamakura. You will participate in cooking such as vegetable sushi and sesame curd. Shojin Ryori is not merely a vegetarian meal. It is the origin of Japanese cuisine which applies the basic concept "Five Flavors, Five Colors, Five Ways," fully utilizing seasonal ingredients.
(2 hours)


Moss Art Terrarium Making with Moss Specialist 


You may have seen moss in Japan, but do you really know moss? Learn about moss from a specialist. After the lecture, you will create a moss terrarium, a miniature world of moss (like a little moss bonsai) you can take home to enjoy! You will learn how to take care of moss at home as well. If you put on your desk at work, we assure you that it will be an oasis for your team!
*Please understand that it is not permitted to take the moss terrarium outside of Japan due to the plant protection law. We recommend this workshop for residents in Japan.


Kamakura Hike/Walk
(ハイキング・ウオーキングin 鎌倉​​)


Go on a light hike and learn about the natural beauty of Kamakura from local guides. They will guide you around the Kamakura area tailored to your interest. Enjoy a walk and gain deep knowledge about the plants, trees, and wild grasses of Kamakuraand and their significance to Japanese culture and history. Anyone over 6 years old who can hike/walk for about 2-3 hours is welcome.


Artisanal Wagashi Making and Tea Time


You may have seen and tasted Japanese wagashi sweets, but have you ever made them? Join us and craft your own wagashi reflecting the season. Afterward, you will enjoy tea with your own handmade Japanese sweets. Chairs available. 


Tatami Yoga with Yakuzen Teatime​ 


In the midst of the forest of Jochiji Valley, with a backdrop of twittering birds and rustling leaves, experience deep relaxation by practicing yoga on tatami mats. The session is tailored specifically to the season—first with yoga and followed by teatime with medicinal "yakuzen" tea and snack, together with nutrition tips for preventing seasonal complaints.

 (1.5 hours


Goshuincho Stamp Book Making and Tea Ceremony


Goshuincho is a book of special seals collected as proof of having visited a temple or shrine. After learning about the tradition and history of the Goshuincho, you will choose, cut, and glue beautiful Japanese washi paper to make your own book. After making your Goshuincho, you will move to the tatami room where you will enjoy matcha tea and wagashi served by the tea master. The matcha cafe is right behind the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. Maybe you can go there to ask for your first Goshuin seal after the class? *The book can also be used as a diary or scrapbook.


Indigo Dyeing - Dye Your Own Tenugui Hand Towel 


Teunugui are Japanese-style hand towels made from cotton, usually 35 x 90 cm in size. Join our indigo dyeing workshop where you make your own tenugui hand towel by our garden and workshop space in a forested valley in Kita-Kamakura.
You will design your tenugui using wood pieces. This is a specific dying technique called Itajime shibori, a shaped-resist technique. You will dye the folded cloth, sandwiched between shaped pieces of wood held on with a clamp. When you unfold the cloth, your beautiful original pattern will be revealed!



Golden Joinery - Upcycle Your Favorite Dishes


Golden joinery / golden repair is a pottery repair method that has been practiced for over 400 years in Japan. Bring your favorite cup, dish and revive it with lacquer and gold. 

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