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We are living in a fast-forward, non-stop flow of information, with too many authorities demanding instant responses. 


Overwhelmed by the fast-paced world, we often cannot take time to enjoy the present.  Instead of feeling, we think. 


Kamakura Mind offers you a moment to focus on yourself by immersion in the art, nature and culture in Kamakura, in the midst of a forest dotted with Zen temples. 


The sign hanging on the gate of Jochiji Temple in Kita-Kamakura reads “Houshozaikin”(宝所在近)which means “treasure is closer than you think.”

Take the time to discover the treasure within yourself. 


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Yukiyo Matsuzaki Smith, Director

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The Kamakura Mind Project has three objectives

Through art, culture, and nature, Kamakura Mind offers you authentic Japanese experiences.

Friends and family looking for a real Japan experience?
Colleagues from abroad with free time between meetings?

Design and manage new experiences to meet the requests of guests.


Design and Run Order-made Experiences

Kamakura Mind creates mindful experiences tailored to your needs.

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